Community Employment Program is designed to

  • help people overcome barriers to employment
  • provide quality on-the-job work training with job coaching support
  • offer excellent career development and job placement services

Community Employment Services

Community Employment SCOPE OF SERVICES
Provides Individuals an opportunity to achieve economic independence and contribute productively to their community by obtaining and retaining employment.

Job Development/Career Exploration

 Is a process where an individual works on defining and improving their marketable skills. Job seeking techniques,interviewing methods,and resume writing are just a few of the many skills in which individuals are instructed.


Job Placement

Looks at the individual's strengths,skills and abilities, and needs,then matches these with an employment opportunity which most closely fits an individuals desired employment outcome.


            Job Coaching            
Is available on site to those employees who are starting a new job, experiencing difficulties on the job, or have had a recent change in their job. Both the employer and employee benefit from job coaching. The employer gains a valuable, dependable employee and realizes a savings in training costs. The employee receives the support necessary to ensure the success in their new work enviroment

Referral Process

Lakestate Industries receives referrals from Pathways, MDLEEG/Michigan Rehabilitation Services , Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate ISD, Michigan Works!, Michigan Commission for the Blind, and by private parties, agencies or programs which aid persons who are in need of evaluation, work training, work experience or job placement.

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For more information e-mail LuAnn Hay, Program Director
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