Lakestate Industries TStudent Services Program is designed to:

Provide students an introduction to work opportunities that are available in their community.  Helps students reach their short and long term employment goals.


Work Evaluation

A process that assists teachers and students in assessing the student employment strengths and identifies areas in need of improvements.

Career Club

A high school classroom setting designed to assist students by preparing them for employment. Students will learn how to obtain employment, gain soft skills knowledge, and how they affect employment.

Career Exploration

Affords the student an opportunity to explore their various careers via job shadowing community work experiences.

Referal Process

Lakestate Industries receives referrals from the Delta Schoolcraft School Districts; MDLEEG/Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Michigan Commission For the Blind, and private parties, agencies, or programs which aid students who are in need of work evaluation, work training, work experience or job placement.

For more information email Luann Hay, Student Services Coordinator or call 906-786-9212